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Internet gives to DANONE the opportunity to talk to you in a way more and more personalized and appropriate, while respecting the values of tolerance and enthusiasm of the company. This notice summarizes the commitment of DANONE on the internet and provides legal information concerning the website you are currently visiting.

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In accordance with the January 6th, 1978 law “Informatique et Libertés”, you have the right to access, correct, modify, unsubscribe to informational services by email (newsletter) and erase personal information you have given us.You can apply your right by sending a letter to:

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DANONE proposes on its website www.kidney-facts.com links towards third party sites. These links are established in cooperation with the concerned sites at a time when DANONE found it fitting, considering the content and services they provided.
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Consequently, any representation or reproduction, complete or partial, that could take place without the consent of the owners or assignees, is illegal.

6. www.kidney-facts.com SITE UNAVAILABILITY

DANONE is committed to making utmost efforts to ensure users with accessibility at all times. DANONE cannot, in any case, be held responsible of site unavailability.

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