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Water Balance

The human body is made up of around 60% water. In a man of average weight (70kg) , this represents 42 litres!
Body water content is finely regulated because maintaining body water level is vital. While we can live several weeks without food, we cannot live more than a few days without fluids. 

How much water do we lose?

Each day, we lose water which needs to be compensated mostly by fluid intake. We lose about 2.6L of water per day through breathing, skin evaporation, intestine and urine. In case of physical activity or exposure to a hot climate, this amount is even more important because we can perspire up to several litres of fluid! 

How much water do we need?

Water is essential for a wide range of body functions: temperature regulation, transport of nutrients, wastes elimination, etc…
The EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) has published recommendations for the EU population, recommending 2 L of water per day for women and 2.5L for men, 20% coming from the food that we eat and 80% from fluid intake. This means that women should drink 1.6 L of fluid per day and men 2L.

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