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What do kidneys do?

The kidneys are vital organs: although we can live with just one kidney, life is not possible with no kidney. 

Their major roles are:

  • Maintaining blood composition and volume 
  • Eliminating wastes from the blood 
  • Secreting hormones which helps to produce red blood cells, essential to transport oxygen in the body, and to regulate blood pressure 
  • Producing active vitamin D, which helps to maintain healthy bones

    Their main functions are to clean blood of wastes and to maintain body fluids volume and composition. In fact, kidneys act as intelligent filters, adjusting the level of essential chemicals in the body and eliminating unnecessary elements and wastes.

The kidneys are also essential organs
to maintain water balance

they can adapt the volume of urine produced according to water loss and to water intake.
They act as intelligent valves, eliminating excess fluids, or retaining it in case of water deficiency.
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